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Lebedik is a family of collaborations by Sasha Lurje and Craig Judelman exploring various facets of Yiddish song.   Joined by some of the best musicians in their field, they travel with the songs from Eastern Europe to the West, From the Old World to the New and explore the transformations that they experience on the way. 

Feb 08, 2020

– Feb 9, 2020 Vancouver, BC, CA

Light in Winter 2020 – Lebedik!

The 2020 Light in Winter Concert series kicks off with Lebedik!

Sasha Lurje, vocals
Craig Judelman, violin
Yoni Kaston, accordion

This is Sasha and Craig’s third time at Or Shalom, and they’re bringing something special – three workshops on Yiddish music, dance, and song on Sunday, Feb. 9. Registration for workshops is separate from concert ticket sales. Sasha and Craig travel all around the world and record, preserve, and perform Yiddish music with authenticity and energy. This is a rare Vancouver opportunity to learn more about the background of Klezmer traditions, including dance, song, and instruments.


Saturday, Feb. 8, 2020 at 7:30 p.m.
Or Shalom Synagogue, 710 East 10th Ave, Vancouver BC

Tickets are $36 regular, $18 concession or pay-what-you-can-afford.
This is a ticketless event, just come to the door and identify yourself.
Tickets available at the door, suggested price $40.

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Lebedik Yankee
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Lebedik Yankee

How Yiddish song traveled to America

Lebedik Yankee is a new project from one of the worlds foremost  Yiddish singers,  Sasha Lurje (Latvia) and klezmer/bluegrass violinist Craig Judelman (USA), which explores the journey of Yiddish songs from Eastern Europe to America. Based in Berlin, the musicians bring their own special relationship to the songs, drawing equally from the traditions of the old world and the new. Together they have been captivating European and American audiences with this new program and they are thrilled to be joined by legend of the klezmer low end, Mark Rubin(New Orleans) as well as Pacific Northwest roots music favorite, Matt Sircely. 


Eastern European Jewish immigrants flocked to the new world in the late 19th century, bringing their songs and stories with them. The songs born from this new Yiddish American culture - and They tell of the emancipation of women, the growth of the labor movement, the dangers of war and of course, love. In this special program of rarely heard songs collected from old recordings and transcriptions, the artists continue where the old recordings left off, letting their various influences and intuitions take over. The result is a repertoire that is simultaneously deeply traditional yet brand new and accessible to all audiences. The natural amalgamation of Eastern European and American instruments and idioms gives the songs a powerful sense of timelessness and universality. At a time when politicians exploit and fuel our sense of difference, this message could not be more relevant the older ones that survived the journey - offer unique insights into their personal and generational experiences.

Shlepping goles

migration, diaspora, catastrophes and dreams

Jewish history has always involved migration, it has never had a culture that only existed in one place. People have moved around and lived in different lands, always dreaming of another part of the world. Living in diaspora (goles), Jews dreamt of the promised land in Israel and the golden land of the American dream. They carried this weight- schlepping goles, through their travels and the longing and displacement of their lives are retold in the songs. 


Based in Berlin this new project by an international trio rekindles the songs and stories of our migrations, looking to our art and heritage for a context to the challenges so many immigrants and refugees face in our world today. The musicians in the band come from three homes for Yiddish music: Sasha Lurje is a singer from Latvia, Craig Judelman is a fiddler from the USA and Ira Shiran is an accordionist from Israel.


Together they explore the transformations of Yiddish music, from the Shtetls of the Old World through its journey to the city, and the new lands of America and Israel. Retracing the steps of our ancestors through the songs that sustained them, this program makes sure that this tradition remains lebedik - alive and lively! 

Sasha Lurje

Sasha Lurje is one of the leading voices in the contemporary Yiddish scene and has performed and taught at numerous festivals in Europe and America. Growing up speaking Slavic and Baltic languages, she brings a unique ‘old world’ perspective to the repertoire and is internationally renowned as one of the foremost specialists in Yiddish lyrical songs and ballads. 

Craig Judelman

Craig Judelman grew up in Seattle, studying violin and folk music from around the world from a young age. He currently performs with Litvakus, one of the only klezmer bands devoted to Litvak music, music from the northern European region of Jewish settlement. 

Our Collaborators

All the Lebedik collaborators are the finest musicians in their fields. Here are our friends and colleagues we have the pleasure to share the stage with. 

Matt Sircely

Port Townsend, WA, US

Matt is mostly known for his performance and composition of bluegrass, country and old time American music, however he has also been a fringe member of the klezmer scene for quite some years. Matt studied with and interviewed Andy Statman (the most well know klezmer mandolinist) extensively, and performed with Margot Leverett's Klezmer Mountain Boys in concerts throughout America.

Mark Rubin

New Orleans, LA, US

 Mark Rubin has been one of the most sought-after klezmer bass and tuba players for over 20 years. He has performed with Frank London's Klezmer Brass All Stars, The Other Europeans, as well as numerous acts in other genres, from country to Cajun to swing to Balkan music as well as with his own alt-country band, The Bad Livers.

Ira Shiran

Jerusalem, IL / Berlin, DE

Ira is a classically trained accordionist from Jerusalem. His main focus is Balkan and Lautari music, however, he has also performed with several symphony orchestras in Israel performed with several symphony orchestras in Israel, both as a soloist and as an orchestra member, and has participated in numerous theater productions at the HaBima National Theater and "Yiddishpil," Israel’s national Yiddish theater.

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